About Glass Nail Files:

The raw material for nail production - glass does not contain any harmful substances. Our glass nail files meet the Health and Safety requirements.

A perfect instrument for taking care of the natural and artificial nails. Thanks to a special technology, we have achieved equally soft and harsh surfaces. In combination with particularities of the raw material, this ensures outstanding features, which are almost impossible to achieve in other kinds of nail files. We pay the highest attention to quality and accuracy of the production process. The main part of production is manual work applying traditional methods, owing to which we are able to govern constant quality checks throughout the entire process of production. Final checks of quality guarantee the highest standard of quality for our products. We offer the products, which yield the most splendid of all from the glaziers in the production of glass nail files and craft of a country, which is proud of its centuries-old experience in the traditional glass production.

Nail files may be very effective as a gift for close people or a corporate gift, particularly when the nail file is decorated by the company’s emblem, symbol or different decorative pictures and crystals.

Main features

Hygiene - Glass nail files are hygienic and exclude moisture absorption. Disinfection with usual methods, boiling or sterilizing in autoclaves are possible; it is very important for professional use and for avoiding the transmission of infection among clients.

Resistance - Multiple hardening of the bulk material (glass) is achieved through usage of ionic exchange component. This guarantees that the nail file will not crack at standard application. The nail file may possible break while stricken upon a solid surface (concrete, stone or ceramic sideway).

Durability - Glass nail files are very durable when used for the treatment of nails owing to the properties of the bulk material and its actually unlimited strengthening.

Safety - ends of the nail files are blunt thus reducing the possibility of wounding.

Multifunctional performance - Besides the treatment of nails, the nail files may be used for removing the consolidated skin around the heels and nails. The best way is to initially soften the skin by submersion and removal of the hardened skin with the help of the appropriate instrument and then to treat with the glass nail file (for this purpose, 195-mm nail files are used). Also, the nail file may be used for treating the clutches of your pet.